Marry me

Summer time is just around the corner and more than one will be delighted with a lovely marriage proposal. That’s why we’ve decided to lend a hand to the future grooms. From my prospective, none of the ways to declare your love to your partner are better than the others. I think that the way in which you ask someone to be your partner for the rest of your lives has to be absolutely personal, out of any stereotype, without clichés and in a very intimate way. This kind of marriage proposals are the perfect, unique and unforgettable ones.

Most of the times it’s not about where or how do you say it, but what do you say. It’s also true that sometimes no words are needed. Just the way you look at her, the way you smile or simply your nerves can tell her everything you haven’t yet said. You can prepare a romantic dinner, a unique trip; you can ask her to marry you in your own car, riding together a motorbike, in a race, while flying, in front of your family, in the church, at her work place, or in a farm if you are animal lovers. Any place may become THE PLACE. I just want to mean that, no matter the place, if you provide the moment with your personal touch, it would become the perfect one.

Your character, your personality, will have its influence in the way you create that unique moment. Some people make great efforts, taking their time to find the ideal place based on their experiences together, looking for the right words and a perfect speech and so on. On the other hand, there are many others that suddenly, without having thought about this special moment, feel that they have to do it and go ahead right then, spontaneously, which also has its romantic side and flow. Bear in mind that the most important thing is to be sure of what you are just about to do; no matter the way you do it, as long as you remain genuine, they will love it.

Now let me show you some inspirational pictures. I hope you can get some ideas of how you could prepare this day, but don’t forget that the most important thing is to be yourself.

1-. Cinema lovers.


Foto: InspiringPretty

2-. A dinner in the middle of the forest.


Foto: Pinterest

3-. Running lovers


Foto: Vogue

4-. Sunset picnic in a beautiful beach


 Foto: BridalGuide

5-. Fill your house with huge flowers!


Foto: Pinterest

6-. Do you love sail?


Foto: Unforgettableproposals

7-. Lovers trekking? Surprise her!


Foto: Intimate Weddings

8-. Surfer proposal

pedida_surf_inspiring pretty

Foto: Inspiring Pretty

9-. With a balloon! Pop it!


Foto: Inspiring Pretty

10-. In the middle of the street in a snowy day


Foto: HuffingtonPost

How your ideal proposal would be?

The art of setting a table

I’m one of those people who love celebrating any of the happy events that eventually arise during our daily lives. I would celebrate everything which makes me joyful (maybe for this reason I’m working planning events ;)) Any excuse is good enough to invite your friends (& family) home and prepare an amazing “soirée”.  I enjoy everything surrounding the event: preparing the event itself, defining the menu, deciding how we are going to seat around the table, designing the table setting and, obviously, enjoying everything when it starts.

Although I don’t usually follow any protocol, I give it importance to the table set and lovely visual harmony. I do really like those tables where you can feel a personal touch, because they include some distinctive complements as napkins, gold cutlery, a beautiful tableware, a printed tablecloth, flower centerpiece, crystal glasses and so on. Any small detail can make a big difference.  Sometimes it can be great to let you imagination run free pursuing a specific style, then apply it in the design of the table with the aim of transporting your guests to that imagined style.

For all the above is that I’ve decided to share with you some amazing tablescapes where I would love eating and spending unforgettable moments with my friends (& family), laughing and enjoying every single moment around the table.

1-. Colourful botanical style:

decoracion-mesa-colores-azul-plantas-verdes-flores-colores-puffPhoto via: Pinterest

2-. Romantic Style:

decoracion-mesa-para-dos-rosa-beige-romantico-campoPhoto via: Chic Vintage Brides

3-. Summer Style:

decoracion-mesa-tonos-pastel-rosa-verano-blanco-comodoosinterioresPhoto via: A lovely Party
Decoracion-mesa-verde-rosa-piña- Photo via: Comodoos interiores

4-. Seaside Style:


decoracion-mesa-azul-playa-mar-platos-decorados-vasoPhotos via: Chic Vintage Weddings

5-. Barroc Style:

decoracion-mesa-platos-vintage-tonos-azules-dorados-citricos-naranjasPhoto via: Intimate Weddings

6-. Vintage Style:

Decoracion-mesa-rosa-palo-verde-aguaPhoto via: Style Me Pretty

7-. Tropical & Classy Style:

decoracion-mesa-verde-botella-mantel-blanco-encaje-plantas-verdesPhoto via: Pinterest

Which one of those tablescapes is your favorite? We want to know your opinion!

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